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blaming the d.n.c. and the key democrats in washington for being late to the game and taking her race for granted. six week ago, she was up by 30 points. >> axelrod responded and said look, we did everything we were asked to do but her campaign sent out that particular memo and it showed that apparently they had been supplying the democrats with polling data from massachusetts since early december and it asked for money and stuff like that. it simply didn't come. also, somebody else they're blaming -- the underwear bomber because they are saying that -- some senior officials at the white house, aides, have said, you know, we were concentrating on fighting terrorism, all of us, at the time scott brown launched his first tv ads and that's, perhaps, why we were caught a little flatfooted. the underwear bomber. >> a lot of the blame will go a lot of ways today. maybe some people should look in the mirror. anyway, scott brown's victory changing the momentum on capitol hill. the win gives senate republicans one extra member on their side. caroline schively joins us from washington with that
brown meets with his new colleagues on the hill. joining us from washington right now is caroline schively has she often does every morning. we match today. >> we do. good planning, gretchen. quick in and out for senator-elect brown in washington today. he has to get back to boston to watch his daughter's basketball game tonight. first major impact of his election is being felt in washington. president obama told abc last night he might be willing to scale back his health care proposal to get some republican support. brown's campaign has sent a formal request to massachusetts secretary of state to certify his election before absentee ballots are counted so he can be seated as quickly as possible. >> i can't tell you how proud i am to be here standing before you all and being -- having an opportunity to maybe send the country in a different and better direction. that's my goal. >> brown arrives to the capital mid morning to visit with a few senators. first with john mccain and then john kerry and paul kirk who has been holding the seat since the death of ted kennedy. fourth offi
washington with district attorn details is moliny wilkes. >> president obama plans to call for a three year spending freeze in his state of the union address speech tomorrow. administration officials say this would not apply to defense related programs or entitlement programs so that means a huge part of the budget is exempted from the freeze. take a look. here is what exempt. the cost of wars in iraq and afghanistan, foreign aid, the budgets for homeland security and the veterans administration plus social security, medicare and medicaid. now, what will be frozen are the domestic programs and fees, relatively small portion of the overall budget. savings would be modest $10 to $15 billion next year. but the administration says that does add up to $250 billion over 10 years. the president also met yesterday with his middle class task force, outlining some other proposals that he says will give families a much needed break. he's going to ask congress to boost tax credits for childcare or dependent care. reduce monthly payments on student loans and require automatic signups at work for individ
with the suspect in the failed christmas day airliner attack. according to "the washington post," one defenders for umar farouk abdulmutallab are negotiating an agreement for his cooperation. under that deal, he would share information and eventually enter a guilty plea. officials say the suspect gave f.b.i. agents details about the plot before he was read his miranda rights. the case has sparked outrage over the handling of the terror suspect, intelligence failures and airline safety. protesters gather in london at former british prime minister tony blair defends his decision to join the u.s.-led invasion of the iraq war. according to reports, he entered through a rear door making sure to avoid the protesters, the former prime minister telling the commission he was inspired by fears of another even deadlier terror attack after 9/11. blair said the u.k. wanted to send a message that if you were a regime with weapons of mass destruction, you had to be stopped. analysts say toyota's market share could drop to its lowest level in four years because of its huge worldwide recall. toyota's stock is a
with barack obama when that happened on the tarmac in washington. so i think again this is something that is not at all clear and not at all as obvious as hileman and halpren suggests. >> does it do anything for the future of hillary clinton and politics, this book? >> i think, frankly, it has nothing to do with her future. she is secretary of state. most politicians look past these kind of books. they make great news fodder but ultimately they don't have that much to do with what goes on on a day-to-day basis. >> doug schoen, always good to speak with you. >> thank you. >> mark mcgwire finally coming clean about using steroids. why now? and is his apology a little too late? we'll talk to "sports illustrated" david epstein who has followed the story from the beginning. and then is nbc collapsing? there's a nasty corporate brawl involving jay leno and conan o'brien. you're the colon lady! diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating. that's me! can i tell you what a difference phillips' colon health has made? it's the probiotics. the good bacteria. that gets your colon back in balance. i'm
with the latest from washington is molly wilkes. what is the latest. >> a happy new year. good morning. the president will be receiving more assessments from security agencies throughout the weekend. the preliminary review of this christmas day attack came yesterday as a series of briefings and conference calls throughout the day with various agencies and officials, including counterterrorism adviser john brennan and janet napolitano. mr. obama got briefed on the effectiveness on the national counterterrorism database. and allowing someone to carry explosives to board that plane. secretary napolitano announced that she's sending a team to meet with leaders from airports around the world to review screening methods. isn't diane frank steven weighed in yesterday. she's written a letter to the president saying the u.s. government should deny visas to anyone reasonably believed linked to a terrorist organization. lee hamilton, one of the chairs of the 9/11 commission says the president has to make it clear airline security is an urgent priority. >> we've thrown bucketfuls of money at it, b
. the president plans to attend a kennedy center salute to king in washington tonight. couldn't stay awake for the end of the golden globes last night? me neither. here's what you missed. "avatar", no surprise there, took home best movie and james cameron took home best director. we caught up with him at the fox after party. >> i said i would never go through it again back on "titanic" but here we are. >> we have this nice thing right here and i have no idea who gave me this but i'm not going to turn it down. >> "avatar" was also a big winner at this weekend's box office raking in over $40 million. it's now the third highest grossing movie on the all time domestic box office charts. also last night, jeff bridges won best actor in a drama for his role in "crazy heart." sandra bullock for "the blindside." and the movie "hangover" won for best comedy. next hour, we'll break down the winners in the world of television. >> all right. now, coming up straight ahead, we just told you about it, will the special election in massachusetts be a referendum on health care reform? a fair and balanced
wednesday at the state of the union. >> there was a clear indication yesterday in "the washington post." david who had been the president's campaign manager wrote in "the washington post" on the op ed page that it is time to pass the health care bill quickly. he also said we need to fight hard for the people who sent us to washington, d.c. meanwhile, brian mentioned valerie jarrett and david axlerod. they were both on the sunday chat shows yesterday and so was robert gibbs. interesting, though, you would think that if three high ranking government officials were going to go on the morning shows, they would coordinate their answers and yet they all gave three different answers about how many jobs have been created or saved. watch this. >> the recovery act saved thousands and thousands of jobs. >> now, the recovery act the president passed has created more than -- or saved more than two million jobs. >> just last quarter, we finally saw the positive economic job growth in more than a year, largely asry ultimate of the recovery plan that's put money back into our economy, that saved or c
in the washington, d.c. because the fbi was never notified and the kid was put on a watch but was not put on a no fly. >> i and one thing that is good about what happened over the last eight years, every american has been educated on different pieces of intelligence that we never know anything about unless we like to read the novels or biographies. the father never felt as though when talked to the cia official that i never thought he was taking me seriously. the cia says we took him seriously and wrote up a report. the state department filed a report that says abdulmutallab was a problem. the cia didn't file theirs at the same time because they were waiting for photos. >> today, president obama comes back to washington, d.c. and will have a lot of high level meetings because of the heads of the agencies that were responsible for provideing that information or not providing that information. some people are asking whether or not this administration is distracted away from actually fighting the war on terror if that is what they are still calling it because of the domestic things they have
. >> meanwhile in washington where the united states is pledging financial aid and quoting unwavering support to haiti. caroline schively joins us this this morning. i understand every single hospital in haiti destroyed and now doctors without borders are going to try to bring in an inflatable hospital that has 110 beds in it. that's not enough. >> it's certainly not enough, steve. president said he wanted to send his condolences and unwavering support to haiti but he's also sending in the coast guard, marines, navy and wave of first responders. the president made phone calls to world leaders from the oval office yesterday trying to coordinate the international response. he said he's directed his own administration to conduct a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. there are about 40,000 to 45,000 u.s. citizens in haiti. as of yesterday, only dozens had checked in with u.s. officials. we now know at least three u.s. citizens are confirmed dead. coast guard helicopters have begun flying seriously injured americans out of haiti and to guantanamo bay. they have ordered ships to
.b.i. illegally collected nearly 2,000 u.s. phone records between 2002 and 2006. this according to "the washington post." through internal memos and interviews "the post" says that the f.b.i. invoked nonexistent terrorism emergencies or persuaded phone companies to provide the information. six years after she died in a bathtub, drew peterson's former wife kathleen savio gets her day in court. he is accused of killing her. today, witnesses in a pretrial hearing will tell her side of the story and how she was afraid that her ex-husband, peterson, would kill her. at first, her death was ruled accidental but after a second autopsy, it was changed to homicide and the fact that his next wife was also missing. peterson, of course, is suspect in this woman's disappearance, his fourth wife, stacy peterson. he maintains his innocence. past decade was the earth's warmest on record. this according to the national climatic data center. this shattered the 1990's increase which was 0.65 degrees above. one of the exceptions was in the midwest where temperatures were cooler than normal. those are your quick headli
and his main focus is going to be the economy. caroline schively joins us now from washington. i have a sneaking suspicion he had a different speech written eight days or so ago. now it's switched to touting the economy. >> you're right, gretchen. it's still switching. as of last night, the president was still rewriting his state of the union speech mainly by hand. he hadn't done a run through or rehearsal yet. today he plans to do at least one or not two. before a big speech, the white house distributes talking points to their allies so they can pump up the administration's accomplishments. here's what the white house has handed out this year. one that government is making government more accessible and transparent, he's been faithful to the central promises to his campaign. rescue and restore. he's rescued the economy from the brink of failure. he'll rebuild the domestic agenda and working to restore global relationships. we expect republicans to have a different take on those points throughout the day. as for the president's actual speech tonight, he'll place a heavy emphasis on jo
been in the u.s. senate for decades. and on wednesday, down in washington, he squared off against the congresswoman from great state of minnesota. and they were on a radio show out of philadelphia being hosted by the 1210 am big talker. they were there to talk about barack obama's first year. they got into an argument. >> well, let's listen. >> wait a minute, i'll stop and you can talk. >> ok. >> i'll treat you like a lady so act like one. >> i am a lady. >> what did you vote for? >> i voted for prosperity. i didn't vote for the government takeover of private industry. >> she said i voted for prosperity. the prosperity wasn't a bill. >> why don't we make it a bill. >> don't interrupt me! i didn't interrupt you. act like a lady. >> i think i am a lady. >> she is one. >> i think you are, too, that's why i'm treating you like one. don't interrupt me. >> what a jerk! >> nice way with women. >> my goodness, can you picture ever talking to somebody like that let alone a congressional colleague? and how condescending is that. >> he's got a couple of other spats on the radio.
bombings of flight 253 on christmas day. julie is in washington. yesterday james jones said people will be shocked when we read about it. when we will hear about it, julie in. >> later today. even administration officials will say the public will find this shocking as it reveals information about the intelligence flaws at the center of the flight 253 failures on christmas day. the comment is expected to comment to 1:00 this afternoon. and so will the chief terrorism advisor, john brenham. even before the report is out, there's alarming news that may or may not be in the assessment. los angeles times is reporting, and you touched on it earlier, u.s. border officials learned of intelligence linking the suspect to extremist guys while the northwest flight he was on in the area. they planned to question him when the plane landed in detroit on christmas day. yesterday at the courthouse robert gibbs said today's report will be as blunt as the president's initial comments when he said we, the government, screwed up. here's gibbs. >> the review will simply identify and make recommendations
city inside the studio but it's dry outside. we have a pacific storm affecting people in washington, oregon and northern portions of the great state of california. it is, again, really cold. minneapolis not quite as cold today as it was yesterday but it's still minus 3. that's the temperature. the windchill much, much cooler. you see 20s from portions of new england right through the chesapeake and then it's actually colder in atlanta right now than it is in caribou, maine. what the heck is that about? and the cold weather continues. well, it's not cold in warren, i'll tell you that. the cold stuff continues down through, look at that, right now tampa. it is below freezing in tampa, and that's certainly going to impact the citrus and the fruit there. and take a look, they have been doing the irrigating just to try to prevent a lot of the crops down there from freezing. >> what do they do, dig gulleys? >> what's that? >> do they dig gulleys? what do they do. >> they have irrigation already installed for just such an instance. thank you very much. 52 is going to be the daytime high in
but don't want uncle sam running it. he voiced concern about overall spending in washington. >> the amount of debt is on pace to double in five years and triple in 10. the federal debt is now over $100,000 per household. this is simply unsustainable. the president's partial phrase announced tonight on discretionary spending is a small one. the circumstances of our time demand that we reconsider and restore the proper limited role of government at every level. >> on social issues, the president said he would work with the military to end don't ask don't tell for gays this year. the republican senator john corning calls that "social engineering." back to you guys in new york. >> as you look at that shot right now -- >> of molly? >> as you look at the shot of the president of the united states and behind him, you have nancy and joe. did you notice how joe coordinated his tie with her suit? >> much like you've done with mine this morning. >> and as for -- remember yesterday at this time we told you about how patty power, that irish betting on-line service, odds were that the president woul
. the governor will be commenting as an analyst here on the fox newschannel about things going on in washington so it will be interesting to hear her take on the speaker of the house. listen to this. >> chatted with her a little bit. yes, she was leading a group of school children through on a tour and i thought, well, that's time on her hands that she can do that. >> yeah, but the school children need to be -- >> i was saying, it was nice. >> do you think she's a kook? >> i think she, too, is quite disconnected from what her constituents are telling her and constituents all over the country. >> do you think she's actually crazy? >> i doubt that her san francisco constituents even are enamored with her policies and with the guidance that she is providing this country. >> is she further to the left in your opinion than barack obama? >> perhaps so. >> what a great question. is she a kook? what do you think about sarah palin's premiere visit to the fox newschannel? email us right now. grade the governor. send us an email at friends at >> remember when that new term started called
against it. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> steve: great report. and coming up a half hour from right now glen beck is joining us talking about how any sort of new taxes could actually whack the middle class. >> gretchen: and in part two of debating the differences of the healthcare reform bills we take a look at the mandate for individuals to buy health insurance. will the cost trickle down and punish the rest of us as well? jim will answer that question for us tomorrow. >> steve: meanwhile, what is the white house's message when it comes to the war on terrorism? really depends on who you ask these days. senior officials giving different points of view. dana perino is here with advice on how to stay on point at the white house. she's next. >>> and the census road tour is underway and costing taxpayers $340 million to promote? why? we will ask the census director robert gross when joins us. >> steve: happy birthday, the star of the hilarious movie hangover, brad did bradley co he turns 35 today. dawn take your kids. but there's one that's so clever, it makes your skin look bett
to one of the reports, i believe it was in the washington post this morning, they were trying to declassify more of the stuff. but absolutely, you know, when you look at the facts we already had, they were shocking enough already. you look at the fact that the guy's dad went to the embassy in nigeria and said my son has become radicalized and you find out the department of state put this guy's name in the data basin correctly and that's why he got the visa because they misspelled something? when you use google it will say -- gretchen got a phone call. >> sorry. >> google will pop up and say don't you mean so-and-so, the suggested spelling? you think the data base for the department of state would be sophisticated enough if you are off one or two letter. >> except a missed keystroke, they would be able to compensate. >> especially with names like that. it's the foreign terrorists who are the problem. let's look at one thing you said before about the delay. and about the word "shock." general jones said there was going to be some shocking revelations. isn't that consistent with
. coakley, the attorney general, once led by double digits. sources at nbc tell "the washington post" that jay leno is set to return to "the tonight show" at 11:35 after the winter olympics next month. that's unless conan o'brien has a change of heart and agrees to keep his show but move 1/2 hour later. leno and o'brien keeps taking swipes at each other, though, and their own network. >> all the controversy going on here at nbc, actually "the tonight show" with conan o'brien's ratings have gone up. they've gone up. so you're welcome. >> of course, everybody knows nbc and i are having a little tiff right now, yeah, a little lover's quarrel, if you will. there's a rumor, this came out today, there's a rumor that nbc is so upset with me, they want to keep me off the air for three years. >> boo! >> yeah. yeah, my response to that is if nbc doesn't want people to see me, just leave me on nbc. >> that's awesome! that is a great line. >> i think conan has been more funny this week than he's been in a long time. nbc wants to work out the problems and have the schedule in place by febru
that that helps them with that number and i ultimately think -- it's not good for washington. not good for country and it's not good for them to try to get their agenda passed. >> the congress to their credit, they're the ones doing all the legislation. they did the stimulus package and health care plan. it's their necks on the line. they're paying the price because maybe people don't like what they're putting out. last quote from this, this is harry reid in 2002. on trent lott's controversy. if you tell ethnic jokes in the back room, much easier to say ethnic things publicly. i've always practiced how i play. >> that's interesting. and that's why it's -- it would be good to know, what did you mean by that comment? how often do you speak like this in your private moments when you think, you know, when these private unguarded moments because it's a glimpse into the soul. >> al sharpton is coming up shortly and he'll tell us, as he always does, what he really believes. >> that will be good. >> we know for a fact that the economy shed at least 85,000 jobs. that's the bad news that came out from the
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21